A New Experience in Natural Medicine. 

An Asheville urban sanctuary offering unique holistic care,

acupuncture and massage therapies

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Massage Therapy

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Orthopedic Massage for Common Injuries, Shiatsu, Reiki.


Offering relief from chronic and acute pain conditions. Gentle, Japanese style acupuncture, thin needles, acupressure, advanced trigger point therapy, advanced Chinese medical massage - Zheng Gu Tui na, electro-acupuncture, Gua Sha, cupping, moxibustion.

Holistic Nutrition

Support with fibroids, PCOS, Digestive disturbance, Gluten Sensitives, Vegetarian, Paleo, health and lifestyle changes.

Bridging the Gap

The future of health pivots on YOU as the healer. Our role is as facilitator. We partner with conventional and holistic practitioners to provide you with a new experience in care.

I believe that massage is beneficial to everyone. In our highly technological experience of the world today, receiving bodywork helps bring back your connection and awareness to your physical experience. I often hear clients remark how surprised they are about places in their bodies that were holding tension. Releasing the muscles and fascia allows for the body's innate intelligence to activate and heal. Lifting the tension from the body enables one to be more active and vibrant physically, thus lifting the heart, allowing for a more joyful experience of the here and now.

Leyli Brackett - BA, LMBT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Why do some injuries linger and become chronic while others disappear with a little rest? I most commonly see complex pain conditions. These conditions require Root and Branch treatment. In this case, Root refers to the internal organs and Branch refers to the muscles. Chinese Medicine is quite poetic this way. I use a variety of techniques that help reestablish balance to your system, allowing your body to access energy and nourishment –restoring hope, lightness, and calm as you heal.

Chad Johnson - MS, LAc. Diplomate of Acupuncture NCCAOM, LMBT

Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist

Food is often the last area we look to as the cause of our pain and suffering. However, the things we repeatedly eat and drink have a medicinal effect on our body - for better or for worse. Take a look at your everyday "staples" and most likely they are contributing to your discomfort in an exponential way. My clients are surprised to find ways that shift their relationship with food and their body - for the long term. We look at everything that feeds you, the holistic approach truly encompasses all aspects and empowers us to exact powerful shifts.

Nicole Johnson - MFA, CHHC, AADP

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

An urban sanctuary offering unique holistic care, acupuncture and massage therapies.

A New Experience in Natural Medicine.

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